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Zaolla’s Elation Speaker Cable is the first-ever speaker cable offered to the professional audio market to employ three runs per conductor of individually insulated, Ultra-Pure SOLID Silver (99.9997% purity!).  The equivalent mass per conductor is that of a 14 AWG speaker cable, and yet its performance out-works and certainly out-performs even larger gauge oxygen-free copper speaker cables.
Seen here in cross-section, the positive and negative conductors are separated from each other essentially by the air contained in three carefully sized and positioned polyethylene tubes. (Air is a superior dielectric, second only to a vacuum, for separating conductors and providing an absolute minimum of interaction with the audio signal.)
By offering the Elation Speaker Cable, Zaolla has laid the final piece of the puzzle in the audio signal chain, offering studio owners and audiophiles alike an unpar-alleled opportunity to complete their systems, from front to back, with demonstrably superior cabling.  Soon, recording studios will be able to proclaim proudly, “Completely Wired with Zaolla Silverline Cables.”
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