제목: Ferrofish A16 MKII 16CH AD/DA Converter를 소개합니다. 등록일: 2012-01-25 18:12

The A16 ultra from Sonic Core (Creamware) now has a worthy successor:
In cooperation with Sonic Core we created a state-of-the-art 2 x 16 channel AD/DA converter, that leaves nothing to be desired, and is unique concerning quality and features.
Besides improving the excellent audio performance of the A16 ultra even more we also added some exciting features. For example, the two TFT displays make configuration and control a breeze, and with the new MADI interface its easy to attach it to your other professional equipment.

The A16 MK-II is a 16+16 channel AD/DA converter with high quality, professional analog and digital I/O's, and outstanding user interface.
Using two TFT displays together with the PC remote software makes configuration and control of this interface a breeze.
Two ADAT, and MADI interface allow to connect the A16 MK-II to your professional equipment. Flexible routing possibilities and individual control over gain/levels of each channel allows integration in an easy way.


analog interface
16 x in, 16 x out, balanced phone plugs
24 bit AKM converters, 32kHz – 192kHz
input-gain and output-levels individually adjustable for each channel

digital interfaces
optical MADI interface (incl. MIDI over MADI)
two ADAT interfaces for 16 channels

system interfaces
BNC wordclock
MIDI connectors for remote

two TFT displays show the high resolution level meters of all inputs and outputs
preset management
keyboard lock
detailed status display for monitoring all inputs
graphical adjustment of levels and gains
routing Editor
SMUX control
32 bit high performance ARM(TM) processor

PC software
remote software for the A16 MK-II via MIDI or MADI (MIDI over MADI)
cascading of multiple A16 MK-II
easy channel assignment with the graphical routing software
adjustment of levels and gains with the mixer
own graphics can be stored to individually label your A16 MK-II
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