Lynx TWO/Aurora Interface Kit

To further the interface versatility of the Aurora 8 and Aurora 16 AD/DA converters, Lynx Studio Technology offers the LynxTWO/Aurora Interface Kit. This easy-to-install accessory allows LynxTWO and Lynx L22 PCI audio card owners to add up to 16 analog and digital inputs and outputs.

The kit includes a six-foot cable that interfaces the LynxTWO or L22 to a DB connector on the included mounting plate, which is installed on the back of the Aurora converter. A ribbon cable is connected inside of the Aurora converter. This allows the addition of up to 8 channels of input and output at 96kHz, 4 channels at 192 kHz and 16 channels of I/O (using Aurora 16) at 48 kHz.

The LynxTWO/Aurora Interface Kit is a painless and easy way to upgrade the number of analog and digital I/O channels on a LynxTWO or L22. When used with the Aurora Remote Control software, you gain access to the digital I/O on Aurora as well. This is a powerful addition to any LynxTWO or L22 based system.
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